Transmedia in my home.

Having been introduced to the concept of Transmedia in Topic 3, I have been intrigued and inspired by the power of transmedia to engage an audience. Since then, I have tried to see if I can identify how transmedia entertainment franchisees use different platforms to market their products and attract viewers. I decided to use a toy that was ubiquitous in my home, namely LEGO, to see how many different platforms of this humble building block, my family engages with on a regular basis. This is what I found : The photograph, shows the many platforms of LEGO in my house.

P1110732We started with the blocks, the went onto watch the movies and read the books. Now one of my children likes playing the video games and using their Facebook page. The other likes to play the online games and watch the endless television shows. We have also visited LegoLand, the theme park in Malaysia.


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