Tony Ryan’s Blog – The future of education.

TROn Monday, the 19th of October, my school had organised for all staff to have a professional development day. One of the speakers was Tony Ryan. Tony Ryan is an Australian learning consultant who is obsessed with two things:
1. His own learning; and
2. Everyone else’s learning

He gave us an inspirational talk, enlightening us about the future of education. In his talk, he focused specifically on how Information and Communication Technologies are changing the future of business and stressed the importance for educators to embrace technology in their pedagogy, to be able to provide students with skills required to participate in this digital world. To quote Tony Ryan

” 10-year-olds today will more likely be creating their own employment by the time they leave school. While the accredited university degree will still have merit up ahead, the simplistic pathway of school-uni-work is not as clear-cut as it used to be. Young people will need extensive support in making this new transition, and will require skills such as project-based management, critical and creative thinking, outright initiative, and various gamification applications… as well as heaps of digital savvy.

That age group of 12 to 16 year old’s are our future. When we think of the future of a city or a community, we only need to look at that group right now. If they are encouraged to be innovative at this age, they’re more likely to be innovative up ahead. And a culture of innovation has significant benefits for a city. As well as the development of IP that generates income, the city becomes a global magnet for other innovators. ”

Please find attached the link to his blog to read more about his views on this topic.


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