Introduction to Digital Resource 2: Storify


I have chosen to use Storify as my second digital resource. This resource is designed as an interactive student resource, whereby the student is able to learn by using the videos and material that have been organised sequentially, to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. I have focused on  the year 8 Australian Science Curriculum addressing the Science Understanding strand, and specifically looking at the Biological sciences sub-strand ( ACSSU149). As per the content description available on the Australian Curriculum website the following content must be covered under this sub-strand :


  1. Examining a variety of cells using a light microscope, by digital technology or by viewing a simulation.
  2. Distinguishing plant cells from animal or fungal cells.
  3. Identifying structures within cells and describing their function.
  4. Recognising that some organisms consist of a single cell.
  5. Recognising that cells reproduce via cell division.
  6. Describing mitosis as cell division for growth and repair

Please find the link to the resource page in the following post.

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